Private Lessons

Private Lessons

One-Off Private Lessons

With the high demand for private lessons and limited coaches’ availability, we have created the ‘One-Off’ private lesson. This program offers players opportunities to receive a ‘One-Off’ private lesson with one of the ATC Tennis Professionals.

  • One-off Privates can take place as one-on-one lesson, semi-private (2 students), in a group of 3 and a group of 4.
  • Players may sign up for one 60-minute lesson at a time.
  • If an individual cannot make the time, they must cancel the lesson more than 5 days before the lesson.
  • Payment is taken upon sign-up.
  • Only offered from September to June each year.

One Off Private lessons can be booked through the Member Services Desk via email or by phone at 587-393-1600.

Private Lessons

Private lessons with your preferred coach are available all year round. All private lessons with a specific coach must be booked directly with each coach.

Group Private Lessons

Group private lessons can take place in the forms of semi-private (2 people), a group of 3 or a group of 4. We do not accommodate more than 4 players in the private lessons.

To speak with a Coach to determine a day that works best for you and to view rates, click below: