Facility master Plan

master plan

As Calgary’s premier indoor non-profit tennis facility, the OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre (ATC) proudly serves a diverse community of 45,000 tennis enthusiasts annually. In response to the increasing demand for tennis in Canada and Alberta, the ATC has developed a strategic Facility Master Plan, unveiled in 2020, aimed at expanding its facilities. This visionary plan positions the ATC as a global leader, emphasizing innovation, facility design, program delivery, and management excellence. Our commitment extends beyond being Canada’s top community-based tennis facility to aspiring to be one of the finest community-run facilities worldwide.

The integrated Facility Master Plan is designed to elevate Calgary’s quality of life, offering affordable recreational access that fosters health and wellness for residents. Our vision includes enhancing public access to tennis, creating a secure space for community members to stay active, and strengthening community ties through improved public spaces. This proposal not only promises significant social and health benefits but also stands as a substantial contribution to Alberta’s economy, leaving a lasting legacy for the tennis community, the City of Calgary, and the Province of Alberta. By generating employment opportunities, providing access for youth and adults of all skill levels, and fostering community engagement, our approach seeks to make a positive, enduring impact.

Phase 1: Covered Court Project COMPLETE

Phase 1 was completed by Sept 2022 with the addition of the bubble structure. The 4 original outdoor courts were resurfaced and covered. The ATC Centre now has 13 fully functional courts all year round!

Phase 2: Community Park

NOTE: (site plan is not final and subject to change)

  • Additional Parking
  • Construction of 8 Hard Courts
  • Construction of 4 clay tennis courts
  • Walking Trail / Path System will connect the Acadia community
  • A playground and green space for our youth in the community
  • A community gathering place (complete with a viewing deck/patio)

NOTE: Additional Tennis Courts will be prepared (grade-beam) to be covered in the future.