About The Friends of Ron Ghitter Fund

Meet Ron Ghitter, our founder and past-chair of the OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis CENTRE and the driving force behind the Friends of Ron Ghitter Fund. With an unbridled passion for tennis and a steadfast commitment to its expansion, Ron Ghitter invests his time, energy, and resources to elevate the sport to unprecedented heights in Alberta.

The Friends of Ron Ghitter Tennis Fund is a catalyst for change. Established to empower underserved children in discovering and participating in tennis. This initiative goes beyond traditional boundaries by providing financial support and ensuring that qualified participants and their families receive the assistance they need. We offer two distinct funding programs:

Ron & Myrna Ghitter Community Fund

This fund is a beacon of diversity, inclusion, and support for under-resourced youth. Operating within local communities as part of the Friends of Ron Ghitter Fund for Kids, it opens doors to the world of tennis for everyone.

Ron Ghitter Excellence Fund

For junior players aged 8 – 17 showing national/international potential, the Ron Ghitter Excellence Fund is a game-changer. It offsets training and travel expenses, propelling budding athletes towards success at the OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis CENTRE.


Aim to ensure that every young tennis player in Calgary has the means to pursue and achieve their dreams in the sport.


To enhance the lives of young Calgarians through the transformative power of tennis.


Our overarching goal is simple yet profound – to provide every young Calgarian, regardless of their socioeconomic background, with the opportunity to play tennis.

For more information on how you can be part of this transformative journey, reach out to Danny Da Costa, CEO of the OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis CENTRE.
Together, let’s make tennis accessible to every aspiring player in our community!