ATC Member Rewards Program

Program Introduction

Introducing the ATC Member Rewards Program via Perkville – exclusive benefits and exciting perks!

As a member, your journey begins with instant rewards – enjoy 150 points upon joining ATC Rewards, receive 100 points as a birthday treat, and relish automatic perks every year just for being part of the ATC community.

Annual Membership Perks, set to refresh at the start of each calendar year, bring a host of advantages, including:

  • one Player Skill Assessment voucher
  • a 60-min private lesson with your chosen coach
  • discounts on adult and junior programs
  • ProShop items
  • Complimentary stringing labour
  • Club Championship discount
  • Guest passes

Accumulated points can be redeemed for an array of enticing items, from free popcorn and coffee beverages to court bookings, over grips, and stringing labor.

To redeem vouchers, ensure that you mention the voucher prior to your purchase or simply present them to our friendly staff at the front desk or café in person, either through the email received, a printed copy, or a screenshot. Please note, avoid marking vouchers as ‘used’ on Perkville, as this action cannot be undone, it will make the voucher void and vouchers must be redeemed by ATC staff within the specified expiry date.

While our rewards program brings you amazing benefits, please remember that there is no cash value for these coupons, and items are available while supplies last. Be mindful of daily limits on certain items and check each voucher before redeeming multiples.

ATC Member Rewards are an exclusive offering for adult members only, encompassing various memberships but exclude Snowbird, Summer, Junior Membership, and non-members. Elevate your ATC experience with our Member Rewards Program – because you deserve the best!

ATC Member Rewards

When you join you will get:

  • Get 150 points Instantly when you join ATC Rewards
  • Earn 100 points, just for having your birthday!

The 2024 Membership Perks are:

  • One free assessment
  • One 60-min private lesson with a coach of your choice
  • $20 off of one adult program
  • 15% off of one ProShop item
  • One free stringing labour voucher
  • 15% off of one food item at Forty Love Cafe
  • 50% off of one Member Social
  • 10% Off for one New Racquet Ordered throu ATC ProShop (Brand: Yonex, Wilson, Babolat, and Head)
  • Purchase $30 at Forty Love Cafe & Get One free smoothie
  • Purchase $20 at Forty Love Cafe & Get One free coffee
  • Five guest passes

You can redeem your ATC Member Rewards for the following items:

  • Free bag of popcorn
  • Free coffee beverage of member’s choice
  • Free small individual over grip
  • Free 60-min court booking (Prime time)
  • Free 60-min court booking (Non-Prime Time)
  • Free stringing labour
  • Free pop

To redeem a voucher, all vouchers must be shown to the appropriate staff member, at the front desk or the café, in person via the email you received, a printed copy of the voucher or screenshot of the voucher. The voucher number must be visible in order to redeem.

  • Redeem means that you use the points in Perkville to create a voucher for the items you want
  • Used means that you claimed the item or service at the front desk or cafe already.

ATC Member Rewards are available to adult Members only. (Snowbird, Summer, Junior Membership and non-members are not included.)

Please note that perks and vouchers are subject to change at any time.