Everyone Can Play Tennis Program

Published On: May 28, 2024

Everyone Can Play Tennis Program is an inclusive and equitable non-profit tennis program for new and under resourced Canadians in Calgary, Alberta. Tennis provides an optimal environment for new Canadians to learn skills, improve physical health, develop cultural understandings, and make social connections.

Introduced on May 15, 2024, as a new program run by the OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre in partnership with Tennis Canada, it will aim to improve participation and enjoyment of tennis throughout all local communities.


  • Deliver tennis at no cost or heavily subsidized to new Canadian families.
  • Partner with community agencies to identify new Canadians and deliver programming.
  • Identify new potential coaches and employment opportunities for coaches.
  • Provide training grants for new Canadians on an annual basis and integrate new Canadians into club programming.
  • Organize a ‘story-telling campaign’ which promotes Everyone Can Play Program.
  • Provide tickets to new Canadians to attend Calgary National Bank Challenger events.
  • Donate a percentage of ticket sales to community agencies which support new Canadians and under-resourced families/youth.
  • Integrate new Canadians into Calgary National Bank Challenger (ticketing, on-site activations, workshops, clinics)


Fundraising will begin prior to the Calgary National Bank Challenger at the Everyone Can Play Gala which will be host to Calgary’s most influential business men and women.

ATC will engage and partner with existing community-based partners specializing in settlement and integration of over 30,000 Canadians in Calgary each year. Qualified individuals and families will be invited to participate in our Everyone Can Play Tennis Program. The program will remove all barriers to participation; including complimentary programming, providing coaching, equipment, multiple locations, language support and subsidizing the cost of travel, if necessary.