February 8 Reopening Information

03 February, 2021
February 8 Reopening Information

MEMO: Club Update
FROM:  Danny Da Costa, Chief Executive Officer
TO:      OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre Members & Program Participants

DATE:  February 3, 2021

Dear Member & Program Participant,
Last week the Government of Alberta announced the easing of public health restrictions effective February 8, 2021.
While we are pleased to be able to reopen under limited capacity, it is not exactly what we expected. Our goal is to have the Tennis Centre fully open as soon as possible. We remain hopeful that the guidelines introduced by the Government of Alberta can be further eased as more information comes available in the coming days and weeks.
The Alberta Government’s new plan will guide the easing of health measures currently in place.  The key details of last week’s announcement include the following:

  • Easing of province-wide health measures will occur in steps based on COVID-19 hospitalization benchmarks.
  • These steps and benchmarks will provide a transparent approach to easing restrictions for businesses and individuals while protecting the health-care system. 
  • Each step has an associated benchmark of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, including intensive care patients. Changes to restrictions will be considered once a benchmark is reached.

Click here to review new plan
Here is the specific guidance from the Alberta Government’s website effective February 8th, 2021:
Indoor fitness

  • Only one-on-one training is permitted for indoor fitness activities (e.g. fitness in dance studios, training figure skating on ice, one-on-one lessons). 
  • One-on-one sessions cannot interact with others and there must be a minimum of three metres distance between sessions in the same facility.
  • Sessions must be scheduled or by appointment.
  • No drop-in for individuals or groups is allowed.
  • No sports games, competitions, team practice, league play or group exercise of any kind.
  • Trainers must be professional, certified and/or paid trainers who are providing active instruction and correction. Passive supervision of a physical activity is not considered training.
  • Trainers should remain masked during the session; clients are not required to wear a mask while exercising.
  • More than one trainer and client ‘pair’ are allowed into the facility, studio, rink, court, pool, ice surface, etc., as long as:
    • Each trainer and client stays three metres away from all other trainers and clients at all times, including in entryways and exits.
    • Each trainer only interacts with their assigned client, and each client only interacts with their assigned trainer.
    • No interaction between clients or between trainers is allowed.
    • No ‘cycling through’ multiple trainers, as in circuit training.

At this time, the following tennis activities are permitted:
PHASE 1 (February 8th, 2021) – Tennis Activities PERMITTED:

  • Private Lessons 1-on-1 (1 person with Alberta Tennis Centre coach)
  • Semi-Private Lessons with two members of the same household (with ATC certified coach)
  • Use of Ball Machine (1-person per court only)
  • Serve Practice (1-person per court only)
  • Use of Play Sight with a Ball Machine or serve practice with a basket of balls (1-person per court only)
  • Tennis Assessment (30 minutes) 1-on-1 (with ATC certified coach)

At this time, singles and doubles play is not permitted. We have sought clarification and guidance from Alberta Health Services (AHS) on when we can expect singles and doubles play to begin. We hope that within the next few weeks, this will occur.  I will keep our membership informed as soon as we have further guidance from AHS or Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Branch of the Alberta Government (SPAR).
In preparation for next week’s opening, I have outlined some important information below:

Temporary Hours of Operation:
Until the Alberta Tennis Centre can resume regular operations (including court bookings) we will reduce our operational hours of operation. The new temporary hours of operation will be as follows:

  • Monday to Sunday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

Court Bookings:

  • Members will be able to book courts as of Thursday, February 4th @ 7:00 am.

Private Lessons:
We have recalled our Alberta Tennis Centre coaching staff back to work effective February 8th, 2021.

  • Private lessons may be booked directly with each Alberta Tennis Centre Coach via email.

One-off Private Lessons:
One-off private lessons resume on February 14th. You may register for the one-off private lessons by contacting the member services desk (587) 393 1600 or via email info@albertatenniscentre.ca

  • One-off schedule will be:
    • Sunday (2:30 – 3:30 pm) / Sunday (3:30 – 4:30 pm)


  • Assessments will resume on February 11th, 2021. Registration is available over the phone or via email info@albertatenniscentre.ca
  • The assessment schedule will be:
    • Thursday (7:00 – 7:30 pm or 7:30 – 8:00 pm) / Saturday (4:00 – 4:30 pm or 4:30 – 5:00 pm)

The health and safety of our staff and patrons are critical to our successful relaunch strategy. As per Alberta Health regulations, all staff and patrons are subject to Wellness Screening Protocols. This includes:
Arriving at the Alberta Tennis Centre:

  • Upon arrival at the OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre you are asked to immediately hand-sanitize
  • You are required to complete the wellness screening protocol at the Front Desk before entering the facility. Please complete the form (including your name, date and time of arrival). This is critical for contact tracing.
  • If you answer yes to any of the symptoms described on the form (Appendix A – Wellness Screening) YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ENTER THE FACILITY OR PARTICIPATE IN PROGRAMMING. You are required to leave the facility immediately and are not permitted to return until you are medically cleared by a doctor.
  • Prior to walking on court, we are asking each of you to hand sanitize or wash your hands. We ask that you repeat this process prior to leaving the facility (conclusion of your match/practice).
  • We are asking that you leave the facility immediately after your booking or program.

Use of Locker Room / Washroom Facilities:

  • Please arrive dressed and ready to go. If you must change clothing, we ask that you maintain physical distancing protocols (2 metres). If someone is using the changing area, please wait until they are finished before entering this area.
  • There will be a limit of 5 people maximum in the locker room at any given time. Social distancing must be maintained, and wellness protocols must be adhered to (e.g., mask, hand sanitization).
  • No shower facilities are permitted at this time.
  • Washroom facilities are allowed, we ask that you wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and hand sanitize if soap is not available.

Park & Play (Parent Drop-off):

  • Please arrive as close to your scheduled time as possible (5-10 minutes max).
  • You must follow the wellness screening protocols when you arrive.
  • Wait outside the court until your private lesson begins (you must maintain physical distancing at all times).
  • There is no spectating of any kind permitted at this time. Parents are not permitted to watch your child’s private/program lesson at this time. Parents are requested to wait in the lobby to pick up their children (5 minutes before the end of each practice)  

Other Club Areas

  • Until restrictions are eased by the Alberta Government and Alberta Health Services there will be no access to the upstairs mezzanine, including the fitness areas.

Payment of Services:
At this time, all services must be paid online through our Jegysoft Payment Gateway. A member or program participant must have an active credit card on file with the Alberta Tennis Centre.
International Travel:
The Government of Canada has amended its travel guidelines related to International Travel. All non-exempt travellers returning to or entering Alberta from outside Canada are legally required to follow provincial and federal travel restrictions upon arrival.
Any returning international travellers must:

  • Quarantine (isolate) for 14 days
  • Monitor for symptoms
  • Get tested if any symptom develops and isolate for at least 10 additional days from the beginning of symptoms or until feeling well, whichever takes longer.

The International Border Testing Pilot Program rules have also changed:

  1. Complete the application form to register to participate in the Alberta COVID-19 Border Testing Pilot Program up to 5 days before you plan to arrive.
  2. As of January 25, border pilot participants must now remain in quarantine until receiving a negative result from their second test on day 7 or 8 (counting arrival day as day 1). Travellers currently in the program must immediately return to quarantine if they have not yet taken their second test and received the negative result. Participants cannot return to childcare, out of school care, schools, post-secondary institutions, sport activities and workplaces outside of their home for 14 days.
  3. As of January 7th, proof of a negative COVID-19 test result must be presented (either paper or electronic proof of result) to an airline prior to boarding a flight to Canada.

For full information on travel advisories, restrictions and other guidelines visit the following link:
Anyone found not to be following the guidelines outlined above will be asked to immediately leave the Alberta Tennis Centre and their membership/playing privileges will be revoked. Therefore, if you are returning to Canada from abroad, you must strictly adhere to the protocols identified by the Government of Canada and the Province of Alberta. 
Guidance for Court Reservations:   Until Further Notice (PHASE 1)

  • Court 4 will be used for Ball Machine Use. A court may be booked in 30 or 60-minute increments.
  • Court 5 will be used for Serve Practice. A court may be booked in 30 or 60-minute increments.
  • You may wish to enhance your experience using the Ball Machine or Service Practice by using the Playsight Kiosk. For information on how to use the Playsight kiosk, please click the attached link. At this time, there will be no additional cost to use Playsight or ball machine at this time.  For information on how to use the ball machine click here.
  • Balls and equipment will be left on court. Prior to the start of each booking, we are asking our members to sanitize and clean the equipment’s touchpoints. Hand Sanitizer will be left on court. The equipment will also be cleaned by our janitorial staff on a regular basis.
  • The ball machine may only be used on Court 4 at this time.
  • Serve practice can be booked on any available court except Court 4.

NOTE: Only one person is permitted on court 4 or 5 at any given time.  To operate and remain operational, we must strictly adhere to AHS guidance. Parents are not permitted to help set-up the ball machine or pick-up balls under any circumstances.  
The Alberta Tennis Centre will provide a two-month credit on our membership. Members will have their membership expiry extended by two months and your final two-months on your membership contract will not be charged.
If not already done so, a credit will be deposited for any adult and junior programs affected by our 7-week closure order. There will be no refunds provided at this time for programs or membership.
At this time, we remain unsure if we will be able to complete any of our Winter 2021 programs given the current Alberta Health restrictions. As a result, we will allow any member or program participant who has previously registered for a WINTER 2021 adult and junior program to move their registration into a SPRING 2021 program. We believe that the likelihood is that by spring (April) programming should be permitted. 
The following decisions have been made by Alberta Tennis Centre management for the 2021 Winter Programming:
All registrations for any of the programs listed below will be credited and players will have the ability to transfer their program registration to the spring sessionNOTE: No refunds issued, only credit for future programs/activities.

  • Session 1: January 4 to Feb 14
  • Session 2: Feb 15 to March 28


  • Jan 4 – March 28

If you would like to move your Winter 2021 registration to the Spring 2021 time period, please contact Sila Huang via email shuang@albertatenniscentre.ca or contact the Member Services Desk (587) 393 1600 or via email: info@albertatenniscentre.ca
Our Spring 2021 registration will commence as follows:

  • Registration opens on February 15 for members (online or over the phone) and winter program participants (over the phone only).
  • Registration opens on February 25 for everyone (online or over the phone).
  • Previous credits can be applied.

Adult Program Sessions:
Session 1: April 5 – May 16
Session 2: May 17 – June 27
Junior Program Sessions:
Session 1: April 5 – June 27
For more information on our spring adult and junior programs visit our website www.albertatenniscentre.ca
Spaces are limited, so please register for your desired program before they are filled.
Our program guides are available:

If you have any questions regarding any of our programs, contact our Tennis Director Nick Coutts via email at ncoutts@albertatenniscentre.ca or our Member Services Desk (587) 393 1600 or by email at info@albertatenniscentre.ca
If you have any questions about our programming, please contact our tennis department leaders:

Tennis ProfessionalJob TitleEmailArea of Responsibility
Nick CouttsTennis Directorncoutts@albertateniscentre.caOverall Programming Enquiries
Adam BondHead Tennis Professional and Head of U12 Performanceabond@albertatenniscentre.caAdult Program
High Performance U12
Goran ZovkoHead of High Performancegzovko@albertatenniscentre.caHigh Performance 13+
Diana JacobsHead of U10 Performance and Competitive Teendjacobs@albertatenniscentre.caU10 Performance
Next Gen Programming
Competitive Teen Prog.
Suzana CavalcanteHead of Junior Developmentscavalcante@albertatenniscentre.caJunior Recreational and Development Pathway



Ron Ghitter
Chair of Board of Director
OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre

Danny Da Costa
Chief Executive Officer
OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre